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Cultural events at Bukchon Hanok Heritage Museum

Posted May. 31, 2022 08:02,   

Updated May. 31, 2022 08:02


The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be hosting cultural events at the Bukchon Hanok Heritage Museum on May 31, June 7 and 10 that feature music events and walks.

The Bukchon Hanok Heritage Museum is a remodeled building of traditional public Hanok, opened on the 102nd anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement.

Bukchon Verandah Walk, a music performance, will be held from 2 pm to 4pm on June 7 on May 31 and June 7. On May 31, a Haegeum performance will be held on May 31 and a guitar performance titled "Yang Ha-yeong's Small Concert" catering to audience in 40s and 50s will be hosted on June 7. A guided walk is provided on June 10, where visitors can explore the houses and walks in the neighborhood.

An exhibition titled "The Keeper of Bukchon Culture" is held at the Bukchon Hanok Heritage Museum to commemorate Jeong Se-kwon, who built the Hanok village during Japanese colonial rule to preserve the values and heritage of Hanbok and remodeled Hanok architecture.

Details of the event can be found on hanok.seoul.go.kr, Kakao channel "Seoul Hanok Portal,” Bukchon Hanok Heritage Museum Instagram or by calling 02-747-8630.