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COVID-19 threat in Seoul metropolitan assessed as ‘very high’

COVID-19 threat in Seoul metropolitan assessed as ‘very high’

Posted November. 23, 2021 07:24,   

Updated November. 23, 2021 07:24


The Korean government officially announced that the COVID-19 situation in the Seoul metropolitan area had reached the riskiest stage. Last week, the Central Disease Control Headquarters assigned the COVID 19 threat for the region as “very high.” The adjustment reached the highest stage in just three weeks after the government enforced “With COVID” policy. Nationwide risk level was assessed as “high.”The situation has rapidly worsened when compared to two weeks earlier when risk levels of the Seoul metropolitan area and nationwide were “moderate” and “very low,” respectively.

The ratio of confirmed cases among seniors over 60 years, which was 24.5% at the start of ‘With COVID-19 policy” rose to 35.7% as of last week. The health authorities determined that vaccine effect for the elderly had begun to wear off. Additional vaccination rates of seniors above 60 were only 7.5% as of last week.

Initially the government had announced that it would enforce “contingency plans” to deploy strong prevention measures if the risk assessment turned out to be very high. Jung Eun-kyeong, the commissioner of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, announced that the government is considering strengthening control measures including enforcing contingency plans. If the plan is enforced, those who have received booster vaccinations can get Vaccination Pass benefits.

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