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What makes for a new elite?

Posted September. 27, 2021 07:26,   

Updated September. 27, 2021 07:26


Piotr Feliks Grzywacz writes in his book titled “New Elite” that not any business changed into an ice manufacturing factory from cutting and selling natural ice, adding that a series of innovations from that point on led to the development of refrigerators that can make ice home.

“New Elite” written by Grzywacz, who worked on human resource management at Google, asks you a question, “Are you ready to be fired now?” Numerous jobs today may be put at risk of extinction. Artificial intelligence (AI) creates a whole new level of reality. We see the birth of every different technology day after day. Traditional businesses are hit hard by such see changes. Indeed, destructive innovation has become part of our life.

The new elite by which the author means are a group of people who read the future to create new values from scratch. They put passion, creativity and initiative above cognitive capabilities, obedience and hard work. He calls on you to refuse to be a mere employee of a business to become a greater entity. His focus is placed on cooperation and coalition with people whom you meet in open relationships so that social issues can be resolved in bottom-up manners although they are left unsolved by states and companies.

Open relationships start with understanding of people around you. To be a member of the new elite, you are advised to shun greed and practice altruism while choosing good influence and social contribution over social position and class. With a lesson learnt from Grzywacz, young employees get paid way higher than before and are allowed to make choices on their own. They are asked not to be afraid of failure. All of such changes make a company stable and firm.

Collective intelligence becomes more important than before. It has become a frequent practice in the publishing industry that those like-minded are connected to each other on a clouding system to co-author books. That is, we are witnessing the rise of hyper-connectivity that links people to people, objects to objects and people to objects. In such a new era, the shortcut to failure is to blindly pursue your own benefits and interests. Younger generations deserve to receive any help from the rest of society so that they can try new things and make trouble. That is how the older generations including me can survive the future.