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Kim Yeon-koung talks about her future plans after retirement

Kim Yeon-koung talks about her future plans after retirement

Posted September. 07, 2021 08:01,   

Updated September. 07, 2021 08:01


“I’m curious about my future as well.”

South Korean volleyball star Kim Yeon-koung, who retired from the women’s national volleyball team after 17 years, sounded excited about a new challenge before her than regretful. When the moderator asked if she was willing to try all the three paths she mentionedㅡcoach, administrator, and TV celebrityㅡKim smiled and said she would have to be in three places at once to do so.

After announcing her retirement from the national team last month, Kim, who led the women’s national team to the semifinal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, held a virtual press conference with some 30 reporters on Monday. The volleyball star, who has been busy after the Olympics, training, making TV appearances, and shooting commercials, said she is grateful for the love and support from fans, adding a fan recently paid her bill at a restaurant.

Although Kim retired from the national team, she is still passionate about her career as a volleyball player. Kim, who is scheduled to return to the Chinese league in the upcoming season, revealed her dream of playing in a new league, such as the recently launched American league and the Italian league, which is considered one of the best leagues in the world along with the Turkish league, despite her old age as a volleyball player.

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