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Application for pandemic relief subsidy to start on Monday

Application for pandemic relief subsidy to start on Monday

Posted September. 04, 2021 07:37,   

Updated September. 04, 2021 07:37


People will be able to start applying for a pandemic relief subsidy of 250,000 won (216 U.S. dollars) per person from Monday. If one makes application in advance through Naver and Kakao Talk applications, he or she will be able to figure out eligibility for the subsidy beginning Sunday. Unlike the pandemic relief subsidies for the entire population from last year, people have to submit applications individually this time.

Lee Eok-won, first vice minister of the Economy and Finance Ministry, held a policy review meeting at the Government Complex Seoul. “We will start process to pay out national subsidies worth a total of 11 trillion won (9.5 billion dollars) from Monday,” Lee said. For example, a four-member family will receive a total of 1 million won (860 dollars) if the family paid the total health insurance premium of 310,000 won (261 dollars) or less as of last June. A one-member household and double-income household will be subject to more lenient standards. Families whose taxable household asset exceeded 900 million won (778,000 dollars) or those that earned 20 million won (17,300 dollars) or more in financial income in their general income tax filing last year are not eligible for the subsidy.

If one wishes to check the eligibility for the subsidy sooner, he or she needs to make advance application to receive an alert through ‘Public Helper’ on Naver, Kakao Talk, and Toss applications. These people will be informed about their eligibility from Sunday morning. Unlike last year’s subsidy, which the householder was allowed to receive his or her members’ subsidies as well as his or hers, grownup citizens should apply for this year’s subsidy individually.

People should check their eligibility through the website or mobile app of nine credit card companies from Monday, before making application immediately to receive the fund. The subsidy will not be paid through a Citi Card. People can start spending the subsidy with a credit card the day after applying. If one wishes to receive mobile gift certificates (in lieu of credit in a credit card) for spending in local communities, he or she should apply through the website or mobile app of the local government of his or her residency from Monday. One can also receive a paper gift certificate or pre-paid card instead in person at the community center of dong, or the township of eup or myeon from September 13.

During the first week, people are invited to submit applications on days designated according to their respective year of birth. Those who were born in years ending 1 and 6 can apply on Monday, while those born in years ending 2 and 7 on Tuesday, respectively. The application deadline is October 29.

Ae-Jin Ju jaj@donga.com