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The ruling party urges a total war to earn votes in Busan

The ruling party urges a total war to earn votes in Busan

Posted February. 10, 2021 07:32,   

Updated February. 10, 2021 07:32


The leadership of the Democratic Party of Korea is urging a total war to earn votes for the Busan mayoral election on April 7. Party leader Lee Nak-yon moderated a meeting about issues in Seoul and floor leader Kim Tae-nyeon in Busan and went all-in to earn more votes from Busan citizens before the lunar new year holidays.  

“If we legislate a special law within this month, the new Gadeok Airport will become a reality,” said Lee at the ‘Presentation and panel discussion of strategies for new economic engine in in the southeast of Korea.” “We have to prepare strategies for development of Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam after the airport.” “Busan, the seventh largest harbor logistics hub and a city with great railway and land traffic, can go above Shanghai with a gateway airport,” said Kang Hoon-sik, chairman of regional balance new deal subcommittee of the party.  

Kim visited Port of Busan with Busan mayoral candidates at roughly the same time. It is the third time that the party leaders visited Busan this year. “It may be exempted from the preliminary feasibility study if necessary,” said Kim. “We will simplify the investigation as much as possible after the special law passes the National Assembly and exempt it from the study.” The ruling party plans to pass the special law at the plenary session on February 26.  

The party will use the airport as the main policy for the mayoral election in Busan based on the ruling party advantage. Still, there is a significant gap between the approval rating of the ruling party and the opposite party candidates.

Min-Woo Park minwoo@donga.com