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Seoul to provide 300,000 won to middle and high school freshmen

Seoul to provide 300,000 won to middle and high school freshmen

Posted February. 09, 2021 07:40,   

Updated February. 09, 2021 07:40


The Seoul metropolitan government will provide 300,000 won to freshman students at middle schools and high schools. The metropolitan government is the first local government to give such a grant to all middle school and high school freshmen. This is a complemented measure based on the criticism that the previous grant for school uniforms excludes those attending uniform-free schools and special-education schools.

According to the Seoul metropolitan government, all freshman students will receive 300,000 won per student until the end of this month for school admission preparation, regardless of their parents’ income. If uniforms are required at schools, the grant will be provided as financial support to purchase them. Students who wish to wear handed-down uniforms or enter schools that do not require uniforms can use the grant to buy school workout uniforms, other clothes, or smart devices for remote classes.

Once a school applies, the grant will be given to students as mobile points for Zero Pay. Then, students can visit Zero Pay-affiliated stores and scan a QR code to use the points instead of cash. For middle school freshmen under the age of 14, however, their parents will receive points instead according to a Zero Pay rule that prevents giving points to those aged under 14. The students attending unauthorized alternative educational institutions registered with the Seoul metropolitan government will be also given the grant.

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