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U.S. releases video of ‘Deadly Swan’ equipped with missiles

U.S. releases video of ‘Deadly Swan’ equipped with missiles

Posted November. 26, 2020 08:08,   

Updated November. 26, 2020 08:08


A video of a U.S. B-1B Lancer carrying weapons has been released for the first time. It was part of a flight test for the integration of the AGM-183A hypersonic missiles that is currently under development onto the so-called “deadly swan.”

The release of the video came after the United States released a video of an F-35A dropping a bunker-buster that is capable of destroying Pyongyang’s underground nuclear facilities and is seen as Washington’s response to China’s growing military influence in the region and threats from North Korea. As tensions between the United States and North Korea as well as between Washington and Beijing are expected to remain ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, it is also seen as an attempt to emphasize the strategic advantage the United States has.

On Tuesday (local time), the United States Strategic Command, which is in charge of strategic nuclear weapons including inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBM), released footage of a B-1B Lancer equipped with long-range air-to-surface test missiles. It flew over the skies of Edwards Air Force Base, California. It is rare a B-1B Lancer flies carrying hypersonic weapons externally. The command said the flight opened possibilities to integrate hypersonic missiles onto the B-1B Lancer.

Experts say the videos released by the United States serve as a warning to North Korea and China, considering the latest video where a flight test is carried out to optimize the capability of the B-1B bomber came right after it released a video that demonstrated its ability to drop B61-12 bombs from an F-35A precisely on a target. B61-12 bombs can penetrate bunkers buried deep underground where North Korean leaders can hide or keep nuclear facilities.

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