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What if Einstein had not had a friend

Posted November. 20, 2020 08:07,   

Updated November. 20, 2020 08:07


Studying physics is a solitary activity for the most part, but it also requires collaboration with others. It requires conversations with others to perfect the rules that individual physicians established by reading a large collection of academic papers on their own. Physicians participate in seminars and discussions with colleagues because conversations and debates with their peers inspire them and help them find solutions to problems. These events even help open their eyes to new paths that they previously thought were impossible.

Physicist Albert Einstein entered university in 1896 and loved studying with a couple of friends about a subject that fascinated him. He considered himself to be a wanderer and a loner, but he went to cafes to have coffee with his friends and enjoyed going to concerts with free-spirited friends and colleagues. He was lucky becoming friends with mathematician Marcel Grossmann. Grossmann shared his notes from classes with Einstein. These notes were a godsend for Einstein who would routinely skip classes and had to take exams. Grossmann helped Einstein get a job at a patent office and also with calculations that were necessary to develop the special theory of relativity into the general theory of relativity. Having a friend like him must have been an absolute blessing for Einstein.

Playing the violin was more than just a hobby for Einstein. He loved Mozart and Bach. Music, for him, was far from an escape from reality. It was more about finding hidden harmony in the universe and beauty that transcends language and exploring the genius in great composers. Einstein pursued the beauty of harmony both in music and physics. He was so passionate about music that he once went straight to the next door to play Mozart’s sonata as soon as he heard the piano playing. Music as well as physics was a dear friend to him.

Einstein graduated from university with poor grades. This is both fascinating and comforting, however. Obtaining excellent grades is important, but I hope the student who signed up for a one-on-one tutoring session would also be able to make great friends and hobbies at university that can elevate his life.