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Renault Samsung Motors launches facelifted SM6

Posted July. 16, 2020 07:34,   

Updated July. 16, 2020 07:34


Renault Samsung Motors has launched “The New SM6,” a facelift model of the company’s premium midsize sedan SM6, four years after the introduction of SM6 in 2016.

The New SM6 is equipped with TCe 300 and TCe 260 engines. TCe 300 is also used in the auto manufacturer’s high-performance brand Apline and Renault RS models, showcasing a maximum torque of 30.6 kilogram-meters and 225 horsepower. TCe 260, which was jointly developed by Group Renault and Daimler AG, is a four-cylinder 1.3-turbo direct injection gasoline engine, featuring a maximum torque of 26.5 kilogram-meters and 156 horsepower. The model’s gasoline mileage is 13.6 kilometers per liter for 16 or 17-inch tires, which is one of the best among South Korean gasoline midsize sedans, according to the manufacturer. The model has also added freshness to its design by adding new colors, such as highland silver, sand gray, and vintage red.

The New SM6 is also the first car among the comparable class to feature LED matrix vision headlamps. It is a high-tech system, in which a front vehicle camera assesses driving situations and carefully controls high beams and indoor LED. Furthermore, the new model also showcases a significantly improved driving assistance system, including the Lane Keeping Assist function and level 1 self-driving.

Ji-Young Jeong jjy2011@donga.com