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Netflix launches ‘Snowpiercer’ series on May 25

Posted May. 12, 2020 07:47,   

Updated May. 12, 2020 07:47


The “Snowpiercer,” a TV series adaptation of Bong Joon-ho’s film Snowpiercer, will be released on Netflix on May 25. Consisting of 10 episodes, the new series follows passengers who got on the last train on earth to survive after the world had turned into a frozen wasteland due to extreme weather. It depicts class warfare, social injustice and survival.

Jennifer Connelly plays Melanie who manages the train while Daveed Diggs plays Layton, a detective living in the tail end of the train who investigates a murder. Netflix explains that the basic elements of the show, such as the background and class systems, remain the same with a few changes to main characters and the plot.

The series was produced by Park Chan-wook and was filmed under production in the United States since 2016. The film “Snowpiercer” was released in 2013 in South Korea and seen by 9.35 million people.

Seo-Hyun Lee baltika7@donga.com