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Seoul City to reduce fine dusts in subways

Posted February. 07, 2020 07:34,   

Updated February. 07, 2020 07:34


American material science business Corning has won in an international R&D contest held under the theme “Ways to reduce fine dust in Seoul’s subways.”

Seoul City announced Thursday that Corning set up ceramic honeycomb filters by working with South Korean company SNS and won the prize of 500 million won. The filters installed by the company were excellent at reducing fine dust in platforms at the Seoul Global Challenge 2019-2020, the city government said.

Corning has developed a honeycomb-shaped ceramic filter and set it up at platform vent of subway stations in Seoul, while SNS has created a device for Corning to insert its filter to vent.

Allswell and Han Lyun System have also won in the platform and the electric locomotive respectively, each winning the prize of 50 million won. Allswell maximized the performance of the existing venting facilities through air flow control technology and suggested a way to effectively vent out contaminants in subway platforms. Han Lyun System came up with a method to eliminate fine dusts and keep air within subway vehicles by setting up an air curtain along with air purifiers.

“We strive to make Seoul an arena of competition for innovative technologies that solve various urban issues such as transportation and environment,” said an insider of the Seoul City Government.