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Samsung Electronics showcases super-speed DRAM ‘Flashbolt’

Samsung Electronics showcases super-speed DRAM ‘Flashbolt’

Posted February. 05, 2020 07:53,   

Updated February. 05, 2020 07:53


Samsung Electronics announced Tuesday that it launched super-speed DRAM “Flashbolt” for next-generation supercomputing, super-speed data analysis based on artificial intelligence. The memory chip with the highest performance can deliver 82 full HD movies in just a second.

The semiconductor industry is concerned that the new coronavirus crisis in China would hamper the market as the country takes up more than half of the global demand. Against this backdrop, Samsung Electronics is determined to overcome the crisis through technological innovation.

The newly released “Flashbolt” is the third-generation 16GB HBM2E DRAM. Its speed and capacity are 1.3 and two times faster than the second-generation “Aquabolt” (8GB HBM2 DRAM), which was launched in December 2017.

“HBM DRAMs boast the best technology of today and Samsung Electronics is the only global company that launched HBM products,“ said an industry insider. “‘Flashbolt’ once again highlights the power of Samsung’s differentiation strategy, which innovates everything from R&D goals and methods to operation and system of manufacturing lines.”

Dong-Il Seo dong@donga.com