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Glittering outfits for year-ends

Posted December. 21, 2019 08:36,   

Updated December. 21, 2019 08:36


At year-ends, the rhythm of Christmas carols and beautifully wrapped presents warm our heart. What makes the end-of-the-year atmosphere more cozy and festive is glittering lights. The Kingdom of Naples during the Renaissance era in the 16th century commemorated Christian saints by building sculptures and structures with glittering lights during its luminarie festival. This religious festival has evolved into a festival of light, which can be seen at department stores, hotels, concert halls, and even in homes in countries around the world. A star on top of a Christmas tree is related to the birth of Jesus.

Glittering lights are considered holy not only in Christianity but in almost all religions. There is a circle of light called halo behind the gods and mythological figures in various religions. Those who wished to become a god used glittering clothes expressed the halo. Pharaoh, who was thought to be the son of the sun god by Egyptians, wore golden accessories and clothes that symbolized the sun. A big collar-shaped necklace called passium and folds in clothes symbolized strands of sunlight.

Thanks to the development of science technology, expensive materials such as pearls and gold are not necessary in modern time to express glittering light. We have plastics and spangles instead. Young people went crazy about these light and chip glitters. Furthermore, glittering outfits, which were once for the kings and clerics, are now worn by movie stars and pop stars. How about trying a glittering outfit for your year-end gatherings and parties? If you find it a bit too much, a glittering shawl or small spangles on your shoes would be a good idea. This is the time of the year when you will look great in a glittering outfit. If you miss the chance, you might have to wait another year. I am sure a glittering outfit will brighten your face and heart as well.