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Pyongyang: ‘Abe will see real ballistic missile up close’

Pyongyang: ‘Abe will see real ballistic missile up close’

Posted December. 02, 2019 07:39,   

Updated December. 02, 2019 07:39


The deputy director-general of North Korea’s foreign ministry warned Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by saying, “Japan will come to see up close what a real ballistic missile is in the near future.”

The North Korean official made the remarks in a statement through the North’s Korean Central News Agency on Saturday. “Abe complained about our test firing of the super-large multiple-rocket launcher in early November, only to be miserably criticized as being ‘an idiot or exceptionally deformed child’ who cannot even tell a multiple-rocket launcher from a missile,” he said. “Even so, Abe continues playing idiot who cannot even differentiate beans and adzuki beans.” The official went on to say, “We advise (Abe) to carefully compare and learn the differences between the shell of a multiple-rocket launcher and the missile (when we actually fire a ballistic missile in the near future).”

Analysts say that the North’s unreserved blasting of the Japanese leader is Pyongyang’s message that it will continue provocations with ballistic missiles towards the U.S. at a time when dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington remains stalled for nearly a month.

As news spread on Sunday that the U.S. Air Force’s U-2S high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft conducted operation over the skies of the Greater Seoul region, Gangwon, and Chungcheong provinces on Saturday, watchers suspect that Pyongyang’s additional provocation would be imminent.

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