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Japan's Emperor Naruhito officially proclaims his enthronement

Japan's Emperor Naruhito officially proclaims his enthronement

Posted October. 23, 2019 07:36,   

Updated October. 23, 2019 07:36


In his official enthronement ceremony on Tuesday, Japanese Emperor Naruhito has made it clear that he would continue with his father’s principle of pursuing peace. Given that he chose to use neutral wording for constitutional amendments, it seems that he has considered the ongoing discussion on the matter within the country.

Emperor Naruhito has made an official declaration for his enthronement in front of around 2,000 guests at home and abroad in Matsunoma Throne Hall in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The new emperor said in his speech that his father Emperor Akihito had prayed for the well-being of Japanese people and peace across the globe for the last 30 years, highly appreciating his father’s contributions. Born in 1960, Naruhito is the first Japanese emperor who was born in the post-war era.

“It is meaningful that Emperor Naruhito has made a clear remark on his determination to peace,” said International Relations Professor Hideki Okuzono at University of Shizuoka. ”The new Japanese emperor is expected to follow into the footsteps of his father by touring Japan’s old occupied territories to apologize for the country’s wrongdoings during the war.”

Emperor Naruhito said that he would hope for Japanese people’s well-being and embrace them while making a special emphasis on world peace. He also promised to take all of his responsibilities as the symbol of the country and its national grand unity according to the Japanese Constitution.

The Emperor and Empress invited about 400 delegates from some 180 countries across the globe to a banquet held at 7:20 p.m. on Tuesday. Three more banquets will be held until Oct. 31 to serve domestic distinguished guests and ambassadors to Japan.