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‘Let Them Eat Money’ to premiere in Korea

Posted September. 19, 2019 07:18,   

Updated September. 19, 2019 07:18


The Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Humboldt Forum hosted a workshop to make a play about the future of mankind. Participants shared their opinions on money, global food trade, and economic crisis under the theme, “Foods of the future for the mankind.” But no one talked about the essence of food, which is eating and tasting the food and get nutrients. Annoyed by the fact, one participant complained, “Is money going to solve everything? Then let them eat money!” This is where the title of the play and the name of the group of activists in the play came from.

“Let Them Eat Money,” a play based on collaboration with academics and citizens, is being premiered in Korea. It took the Deutsches Theater and Humboldt Forum two years to create the play. “The preparation process was full of discussions. Different generations and classes envisioned different futures but they were on the same page as to the need for discussions on the ontology of human beings against future threats,” said play director Andres Veiel at a meeting held in Seoul on Wednesday.

The play depicts the future until 2028. The story is both plausible and questionable. Ivanka Trump is elected as the president of the United States and California proclaims its independence in 2020; One million Iranians forced to be refugees due to draught and civil war in 2022; and an artificial island is built in European waters. These ideas all came from countless discussions.

The play entertains us by provoking our imaginations about the future but also lets us to seriously reflect on ourselves. The play is not all about dystopia. “There is also a utopian perspective in that it presents us the opportunity to move forward. The humankind should at least stop repeating the same mistakes of “crash test dummies,” said Veiel.

The play avoided being outdated by not listing all the problems in the world. They put salt on the stage floor, which means the essence of human being and life, and also devastation and destruction at the same time. As many future movies do, actors in the play perform in the air while being hung from a wire cable. Many modern props are also being used in the play. The background screen shows actors doing live streaming and comments from viewers.

The play will finally be completed outside the stage. The academics will gather once again for a discussion between 2020 and 2021, after the overseas tour is over. “Which future should we be prepared for?” This is the question that will be asked to them. The play will be held at the LG Art Center in Seoul for two days from September 20.