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Driver’s license in English to be issued for use in 33 countries

Driver’s license in English to be issued for use in 33 countries

Posted September. 16, 2019 07:32,   

Updated September. 16, 2019 07:32


South Korea’s drivers will be able to get their driver’s license issued in English starting on Monday to use it in 33 countries including the United Kingdom and Australia. The Korean National Police Agency announced Sunday that English driver’s licenses will be issued at 27 driver’s license examination offices across the country, which will allow drivers to be behind the wheel in foreign countries.

Until today, people had to either obtain an international driving permit in advance or have the translation of their driver’s license notarized at a South Korean embassy in foreign countries in order to drive overseas. However, those who plan to visit 33 countries can now simply get their English driving permit and start on their way.

An English driver’s license has the driver’s personal information written in English on its back including his or her name, date of birth, and license number. Yet, the permit cannot be used for identification, so travelers will still need to bring their passport. They also need to check the detailed requirements of a driving permit in their destination as countries have varied terms regarding the use of English driver’s licenses.

People can submit an application to get their English driver’s license reissued or renewed at public service centers of police stations across the country. An identification card, a photograph, and 10,000 won fee are needed to make one. The new driving permit can be currently used in nine Asian countries including Singapore, eight European countries including Switzerland and Turkey, and five African countries, such as Namibia and Rwanda.