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N. Korea blows up 12 billion won in launching missiles for 2 months

N. Korea blows up 12 billion won in launching missiles for 2 months

Posted August. 22, 2019 09:26,   

Updated August. 22, 2019 09:26


North Korea has spent at least 1 million dollars (some 1.2 billion won) in launching one short-distance ballistic missile, investing at least 10 million dollars (some 12 billion won) in shooting 12 ballistic missiles and multiple rocket launchers since July.

According to a Radio Free Asia report on Tuesday, Dr. Markus Schiller of German military consulting firm ST Analytics said that “Generally it takes around 1 billion dollars (some 1.202 trillion won) in developing and manufacturing missile programs, developing its main body, war head, engines, guidance system, subsidiary vehicles, etc., which is a huge burden to North Korea, given its scale of economy.” He also explained that it would have taken at least 1- 1.4 million dollars in manufacturing a single missile, aside from development costs.” In other words, North Korea is assumed to have invested more than 10 million dollars in launching a total of 12 shots from new weapons over six rounds from July 25 to August 16.

“Applying 8,400 North Korean won against dollar and 5,000 won per 1 kilogram of rice, one million dollars would be actually worth 10 million dollars in North Korea, which is enough to buy rice of 17,000 tons and could feed the entire population for two days,” reported Radio Free Asia.

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