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Liberty Korea Party calls on Yoon’s resignation for his perjury during confirmation hearing

Liberty Korea Party calls on Yoon’s resignation for his perjury during confirmation hearing

Posted July. 10, 2019 07:38,   

Updated July. 10, 2019 07:38


At a confirmation hearing at the National Assembly, the conservative opposing party described Prosecutor-General nominee Yoon Seok-yeol as unqualified and called for his resignation as his perjury during the confirmation hearing sparked controversy.

Liberty Korea Party’s Floor Leader Na Kyung-won said on Tuesday that the confirmation hearing on Yoon was covered with all brazen lies misleading the public, urging the candidate to take responsibility for his perjury, let alone the adoption of the hearing report, and resign from the position of nominee. Liberty Korea Party lawmakers at the Legislation and Judiciary Committee held a press conference and called on Yoon’s resignation, arguing that his perjury is not a mere lie but a crucial part of a massive iceberg of a corruptive scandal.

Meanwhile, Korean presidential office Cheong Wa Dae and the ruling party decided not to allow for Yoon’s resignation. Minjoo Party spokeswoman Jung Choun-sook said that Yoon apologized for his misunderstanding, dismissing the opposing party’s argument. “It is the National Assembly that will make a choice and there is any official position to announce,” a Cheong Wa Dae staff said. Also a Minjoo Party lawmaker said that most at Cheong Wa Dae see Yoon’s nomination process will proceed without particular issues.

A recording file was disclosed, which runs against Yoon’s testimony at the confirmation hearing that he had not introduced lawyer Lee Nam-seok to an elder brother of senior prosecutor Yoon Dae-jin at the Justice Ministry. Upon the voice file released, candidate Yoon said that something must have been misunderstood, adding “The mentioned lawyer was not hired, it is not.”

Woo-Yeol Choi dnsp@donga.com