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All human beings are weak and vulnerable

Posted June. 03, 2019 07:39,   

Updated June. 03, 2019 07:39


“Truth blinds the eyes just like light. Reversely, false makes everything beautiful just like beautiful evening glow” – Albert Camus (1913∼1960).

Designer always seek to understand customers. Hence, it is most important for them to understand the inner side and dreams of the customers. A design project based on pure passion that exceeds the original goal can achieve success sometimes. However, because the job done well could also bring damage eventually, the designer gets frustrated and mentally suffers. The sentence that strikes my mind in such a moment is words written by French novelist Albert Camus. In his work “The Stranger” Camus addressed absurdity in life and the world, and won the Nobel Prize in literature. His words present acute reasoning and cool-headed emotion.

Human beings try to analyze things and understand the nature of objects, but analyzing people’s mind is never easy. People are “higher animal” with a smart brain, and if a person disguises oneself and sweetly whispers to cheat another person, “the light of truth” comes to blind the eyes of the latter. Reversely, sweet lies always approach us in sweet disguise like the evening glow. This sweetness causes people to plunge into the glow of lies as if the Eve chose to eat the Forbidden Apple after being deceived by the snake.

People should keep their integrity and value by themselves, but as Camus said, they are ensnared by the chain of foolishness and end up becoming weak and hopeless.While working, we meet many people, and if you get trapped by other people who exploit your human nature, you oftentimes end up struggling to escape, gets frustrated and hopeless, and blame yourself. If that happens, Camus’ wise saying helps usconsole ourselves by reiterating that humans were vulnerable long time ago, and will continue to be so in the future. Thus, you come to solace yourself, and strive while living as bright light of the world despite the humans’ weakness. The sentence is warm words of consolation, like the setting sails on the boat of desperateness.