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Gangneung Danoje becomes a short-train trip for Seoulites

Gangneung Danoje becomes a short-train trip for Seoulites

Posted May. 31, 2019 07:27,   

Updated May. 31, 2019 07:27


This year’s Gangneung Danoje Festival has become more urban. A variety of performance, including puppet shows, are showcased at the “Small Theater Dan” and different busking shows can be enjoyed every day. Visitors can enjoy discount promotions and free gifts and charge their phones at the newly added “Dano Welcome Shops.” In addition, about 150 stores will be run as Dano markets in the urban setting.

Train tour packages for those living in or near Seoul are also available for the Danoje Festival. Package users will take a KTX ride from Cheongnyangni station in Seoul to Gangneung on June 7 to enjoy the festival as well as other must-visit sites, such as Anmok coffee street, Sea liabilities road, and Ojukheon, before heading back home the next day. The prices of the tour packages range from 50,000 to 55,000 won with lunch, transportation, and admissions included.

Visitors of the Danoje Festival are encouraged to do some research beforehand as the festival offers a variety of performance and experiences. A mime performance titled “Gangneung Masquerade” tells a story about love and should not be missed. Dano “gut,” a traditional ritual of South Korea, Gangneung dialect contest, stage performance “Danose danose,” and exciting quartet percussion “samulnori” are some of the events available to entertain visitors. Schedule and other details can be found on www.danojefestival.or.kr.

“You will be able to enjoy an upgraded version of Gangneung Danoje with new changes added,” said Chairman of the Gangneung Danoje committee Kim Dong-chan. “We are 100 percent ready to host a festival that travels across the past and the current to provide exciting energy.”

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