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Gov’t to help boost local districts for small businesses

Gov’t to help boost local districts for small businesses

Posted April. 25, 2019 07:46,   

Updated April. 25, 2019 07:46


The Ministry of the Interior and Safety on Wednesday selected eight places as redevelopment zones for small businesses that would receive government financial assistance. The ministry selected the areas among 18 candidate areas in consideration of the location and local merchants’ commitments as part of its project to assist small business owners who are facing difficulties amid an economic slump and the expansion of large retailers. The ministry will provide one billion won (863,485 U.S. dollars) for each selected area for redevelopment.

Among the selected areas, Daegu’s Dong-gu district plans to convert a cluster of chicken gizzard restaurants into a “gizzard theme road.” With the state funding, the Dong-gu office plans to help develop special menus for gizzard restaurants in the area that lacked any unified identity and had aging facilities, while installing themed nighttime lighting in three major spots.

The Jindo County, South Jeolla Province, plans to take advantage of Hongju, its traditional liquor, and indigenous dog breed to help reinvigorate the local economy that has borne the brunt of a 2014 ferry disaster. The country plans to remodel the birth house of a Hongju master into a museum promoting the local cultural heritages and develop tourism products in connection with local festivals. The country also plans to create a public garden.

Iksan, North Jeolla Province, whose economy has remained sluggish due to a diminishing and aging population, plans to take advantage of its ancient relic sites to include local alleys into existing city tour programs. Local merchants’ associations will select young entrepreneurs to set up shop in the alleys and offer their business knowhow.