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Famous creator Park Mak-rye meets with YouTube CEO

Posted April. 23, 2019 07:31,   

Updated April. 23, 2019 07:31


“I wish that I would be free of knee arthritis. Dreams have changed constantly and gradually. Susan, what is your dream?”

Asked by the old lady with a strong accent in her 70s, a CEO in blonde hair paused for a second and answered that she aspires to make sure that everyone in the world is given a chance to talk about their own story.

A video clip was uploaded on Sunday on South Korean famous YouTuber Park Mak-rye’s channel, garnering wide attention. It describes YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki visiting the 73-year-old star creator last month to talk about the “Park Mak-rye Show.”

Park Mak-rye is a super star on YouTube with more than 800,000 subscribers. She was invited as the Korean representative last year to a Google developer meeting held at the Google headquarters in California. Back then, she hoped to meet CEO Wojcicki in person but could not. That is why the CEO visited Korea to meet Mrs. Park.

They have a lot in common as a working mom. Park said that she would serve as a cleaning lady to raise three kids and she felt sorry for her kids when comparing them to the kids she served, asking Wojcicki what it is like to be CEO. The CEO answered that she is the mother of five children, saying that she learns how the next generations utilize YouTube while raising her kids. She added that she cleans up the toys scattered on the floor after she is back home at night and house chores never end. She laughed while talking about her kids texting her to ask about homework even when she was in Korea. 

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