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Moon directs staff to 'promote artificial rain' working with China

Moon directs staff to 'promote artificial rain' working with China

Posted March. 07, 2019 08:11,   

Updated March. 07, 2019 08:11


South Korean President Moon directed his staff on Wednesday to “discuss with China to come up with emergency measures to minimize the impact of the fine dust from China.”

“The president said in a teatime session with his staff this morning that we should work together with China to enforce joint emergency measures for heavy fine dust weather,” said presidential spokesperson Kim Eui-kyeom. The Ministry of the Environment will prepare to promote artificial rain with China.

“We need to focus all strengths, even if it requires extra budgeting, to reduce find dust,” Moon said. "We should actively consider early closure of obsolete coal fired plants of more than 30 years."

The president’s comments, which was made two days in a row, are deemed to reflect the public’s discontent over the government’s procrastinated response to address the fine dust situation. However, most of the instructions that were made on the day are difficult to be immediately effective in removing the heavy find dust, which has been blanketing the nation for the past six days.

Meanwhile, floor leaders Hong Young-pyo of the Democratic Party, Na Gyeong-won of the Liberty Korea Party, and Kim Gwan-young of the Bareunmirae Party agreed to address some of the pending acts on fine-dust, including amendments on the Framework Act on the Management of Disasters and Safety to include heavy fine dust issue as national disaster, at the National Assembly next Wednesday.

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