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Sejong Center hosts AP News photo exhibition

Posted January. 22, 2019 07:43,   

Updated January. 22, 2019 07:43


A little boy is standing at a subway station in Pyongyang, and his scarf indicates that he is a North Korean boy scout. The slim backpack he is wearing and the faded English prints on it suggest that this strange city has a point of contact with the outside world. An exhibition titled “AP Photo Exhibition: Will I See You Again,” which is hosted at Sejong Center of the Performing Arts in central Seoul, takes a glimpse into a cross-section of North Korean society as depicted above.

A symbol of global news agency, the Associated Press News or AP News disseminates 2,000 photos across the globe every day, a million a year. At this exhibition, AP presents 200 cherry-picked photos under six different themes.

The three main themes gently dispel the common public prejudice about “news photos.” The theme “Flowing Into Your Day” depicts a timeline throughout the day, the moments of dawn, morning, noon, and night. The second theme “Warmth You Left” puts a human face in capturing the mundanities hidden around historic moments. The “Voices You Introduced” allows visitors to experience the grain of sound, immersing them with a combination of media, videos, and photos.

Among the three special themes, the “Keywords for AP’s Moments” is the news company’s treasure trove of history. The exhibition presents an astonishing array of rarities – Hiroshima bombing, Vietnam War, the 60s New York, the space war between America and the Soviet Union - as well as a constellation of superstars such as the Beatles, Muhammad Ali, Edith Piaf, and Freddie Mercury. The theme “Journalists” describes the passion of photo journalists and writers, focusing on their humanity.