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Posted January. 12, 2019 07:47,   

Updated January. 12, 2019 07:47


My little second child is afraid to go to the restroom for fear of coming across a ghost. In some sense, it may be good to have a fear of ghosts other than any other dreadful thing out there.

I dread my feelings and emotions, which sometimes drive me down to the hell. A while ago, I struggled with something out of my control as my heart was totally broken. I try to keep saying that I should let go of it if my hands are tied but the message does seldomly help control my feelings. I am tempted to get things cleared up.

I would read a poem when I attempt to let myself do nothing about what I have no control of. I recite it even when I feel choked at the thought of having to make things perfect. You may sometimes allow yourself to be on cruise being free and relieved of any obsession. To console your soul, I would recommend Lee Byeong-cheol’s poem "Clogs."

If you find yourself in trouble, I recommend you recite the poem while wishing to relieve your agony by washing your face and hair. You could chew every drop of water slowly if you are short on breath and the heartbeat goes up, and stand up with things left behind you just as described in the poem. Why don't we go out for a walk instead of wandering around the room? You can litter bad feelings and thoughts while taking a stroll and disturb emotions seat down and you can be free of them.

The poet consoles us by imparting a lesson that you can get what matters once you leave everything behind. The poem, which seems to be simple and boring, would be a source of consolation to readers.