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Seoul City to build a cultural concert hall in Changdong

Seoul City to build a cultural concert hall in Changdong

Posted January. 10, 2019 08:04,   

Updated January. 10, 2019 08:04


The Metropolitan government of Seoul will begin construction of Seoul Arena, a complex cultural concert hall, near Changdong Station in Dobong-gu in September next year.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government made this announcement on Wednesday, saying that the building had passed eligibility tests by the Public Investment Management Center (PIMA) under Korea Development Institute. The results have been determined three years after consortium "Seoul Arena Inc. (tentative)," which consist of nine companies including KDB Infrastructure Investments Asset Management, requested the eligibility test in January 2016.

When Seoul Arena opens in 2024, the facility will be able to accommodate 18,400 people, fulfilling Seoul’s demands for cultural performance infrastructure. Currently, the World Cup stadium in Sangam-dong and Sky Dome in Gocheok-dong are capable of accommodating indoor concerts that exceed 10,000 seats. “We expect Seoul Arena to boost cultural competitiveness of Seoul and Korea and promote local development of the northeastern area of Seoul,” said Kim Sun-soon, the head of the Local Development Bureau at the Seoul city government.