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74 corpses found at U.S. mysterious funeral halls 

Posted October. 22, 2018 08:07,   

Updated October. 22, 2018 08:07


A total of 74 fetus and infant corpses were found with an interval of one week at two funeral halls located in Detroit, Michigan, the United States. What’s more surprising is that some of them were dead three years ago. This mystery over the discovery of the dead fetus and infants has drove the U.S. public into a state of shock.

CNN and other local media reported that after the Detroit police seized and searched the Perry Funeral Home in Detroit, they found 63 fetus and infant bodies. It was only a week ago when 11 young corpses were discovered at the Cantrell Funeral Home. Twenty six of the bodies found at Perry were stored in a freezer while 37 were in three boxes at room temperature. Some of them were dead around 2015. Without any legitimate reporting procedures taken, they have been treated with preservatives.

The state authorities inspected Perry after a civil complaint was accepted. The tipsters of the case were parents of a daughter who was dead. They have been in a legal battle with Perry, arguing that the corpse of their daughter was dishonorably treated and buried. After hearing the news of the Cantrell case, they filed a complaint with the authorities.

Also, the authorities discovered that the funeral hall in question did not issue any legitimate certificates of death for the dead fetuses and infants. They are required by law to report the death of a fetus older than 20 weeks or heavier than 400 grams. Perry closed and lost their operational license as soon as it was seized and searched while the found bodies were handed over to the state forensic authorities.

A week ago, on Oct. 12, the police discovered 11 dead fetuses and infants at Cantrell. An anonymous tipster filed a civil complaint, triggering an inspection. Cantrell was already slapped with a business suspension order this April for infringing multiple codes of treating and storing corpses. Nevertheless, this August, an identified call was made to the authorities to report Cantrell’s violations of codes. City inspectors searched the funeral hall to find 10 fetus bodies and one dead infant hidden in the ceilings. Additionally, four cremated bodies were found in a separate spot.

The Michigan state law stipulates that a person in charge of any funeral facility shall manage and monitor the way a corpse is treated and processed to see if the treatment is legitimate and appropriate and it if it is carried out within 60 days of the hand over. In case of any violation, a person may be faced with less than three months in prison. In the event that any person has left any corpse aside without any proper treatment, he may be punished with less than 10 years in prison. The local media said that the two funeral halls in question are subject to severe punishment as they have allegedly neglected proper treatments of the corpses over 180 days.