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The North accuses U.S. of impeding inter-Korean cooperation

The North accuses U.S. of impeding inter-Korean cooperation

Posted August. 17, 2018 07:54,   

Updated August. 17, 2018 07:54


North Korea slammed the United States for showing a negative stance on renewing the inter-Korean economic cooperation before denuclearization, accusing Washington of coercively interfering in Pyongyang’s domestic affairs. The communist regime labeled the United States as “the root cause of evil” oppressing their national sovereignty.

“While we are taking preemptive measures to achieve a complete denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, the United States is repeatedly making unilateral demands, instead of taking measures comparable to ours,” said North Korea’s Pan Korean Alliance for Reunification in a joint resolution issued to commemorate the Liberation Day of Korea. The organization further denounced Washington for making coercive interferences in Pyongyang’s domestic affairs by opposing the renewal of operation of Kaesong Industrial Park and inter-Korean economic cooperation while escalating the level of sanctions against the North. Essentially, Pyongyang is criticizing Washington for meddling in inter-Korean economic cooperation, an issue to be handled by the two Koreas.

“The core spirit of the Panmunjom declaration is national sovereignty,” the resolution proclaimed additionally, saying that it would be preposterous for Seoul to maintain the sanctions and demand inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation, warning that “should the South engage in sanctions against North Korea, it would be impossible to forge any new relations.”

“It is simply not possible for the declaration, cooperation with foreign states, and American occupation to exist at the same time,” the resolution added, calling the United States the root cause of evil that has always oppressed their national sovereignty and impeded peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula.

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