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First traces of Aragaya Kingdom found in South Gyeongsang region

First traces of Aragaya Kingdom found in South Gyeongsang region

Posted June. 08, 2018 08:28,   

Updated June. 08, 2018 08:28


The existence of the Aragaya Kingdom that has only been handed down in literature and the word of mouth has been confirmed for the first time.

The Gaya National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage announced on Thursday that it identified a large scale of earthen fortifications, wooden fence facilities and various parts of earthenware. According to the result of excavation initiated last month, the founding at #289, Gaya, Gaya Township, Haman County, South Gyeongsang Province appear to have been created in the 5th and 6th century.

Aragaya appeared under various names such as Anagaya, Ayagaya and Anra in ancient literature such as the Chronicles of the Three States, the Heritage of the Three States and Nihon Shoki. According to the literature, Aragaya formed a central force of Gaya with Geumgwangaya and Daegaya, and held international conferences with Silla, Baekje and Japan in the 6th century.

There were limitations to research on Aragaya with just the historical records but with the massive excavation of archeological data that demonstrates the civil engineering technology, defense system and living culture of Aragaya, it has become the focus of the academia.

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