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Seoul Grand Park opens Cheonggye reservoir path in 34 years

Seoul Grand Park opens Cheonggye reservoir path in 34 years

Posted June. 07, 2018 07:14,   

Updated June. 07, 2018 07:14


The Cheonggye reservoir path of the Seoul Grand Park has been transformed into a trail, allowing people to walk in 34 years.

The Seoul Grand Park, which closed the road ever since its opening in 1984 due to safety issues, announced on Wednesday that it will open the Cheonggye reservoir path (0.6 kilometers: Park management office-Giraffe World) under the name of the Cheonggye Reservoir Path with a good view.

The Seoul Grand Park created the path last year by signing a business agreement with the Korea Rural Community Corporation, which is the owner of the Cheonggye reservoir land. The road minimized any damage to the reservoir path and left the nature as it is. People can appreciate the Cheonggye mountain and Gwanak mountain at one sight while walking. To prevent any safety related accidents, guardrails and signboards were installed. Coconut tree mats were paved to allow people to walk comfortably by reducing the shock transferred to the feet and knees.

The reservoir path is part of the road surrounding the lake (2.7 kilometers in total, Haeoreum bridge-Mirinae bridge-veterinarian hospital-park management office). The length of the path for walking, which used to be 1.4 kilometer, is 2 kilometers in total with the reservoir path now available. The Seoul Grand Park is also planning to create and open a 0.7-kilometer path surrounding the lake near the theme garden of its zoo.

Jie-Hyun Roh isityou@donga.com