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Google emphasizes press logos on stories

Posted May. 10, 2018 07:49,   

Updated May. 10, 2018 07:49


Google has displayed a newly relaunched news curation service that provides tailored news to users by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). Google’s new news service maintains the “out-link” method, which allows articles to open at the homepage of press.

Google has launched “Google News” application that provides five stories that were selected by AI, the global search engine announced at the annual Google I/O developer conference held in California on Tuesday (local time).

To date, when people want to read the news at google, they have to go into the homepage of the press by using the search function or run the ‘Newsstand” app and select news. The newly released google news app organizes, with the help of AI, five different kinds of stories that a user might be interested in such as major headlines and local news. The more the user uses the app the more the information is gained that is necessary to provide news more accuracy. The google news app, which is based on “out-link,” will share the advertisement revenue with the press even if in-link method is partially combined with news articles. Also, by highlighting the press logo on each article, it is now possible for users to identify understand which press the articles are coming from.

Google also adopted the “full coverage” function so as to prevent thoughts on certain topics from becoming single-sided from only reading recommended news articles. Users will be able to confirm‎ various news reports, FAQs, videos and a timeline for stories that have played out over time. “It is a function that makes productive conversation or debate possible by providing objective views on certain matters,” explained Google.

The web giant’s news app also support payment of charged contents by using Google Pay. In other words, Google provided a way for the press to maintain its profitability by securing paying subscribers. “We are planning to launch the new news service in 127 countries within a few days,” said Google.