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A broad-minded golf emperor

Posted April. 27, 2018 07:47,   

Updated April. 27, 2018 07:47


Golf season has arrived. Among so many prominent golfers, Tiger Woods is the special one. The childhood of Woods, who is recognized as a genius comparable with Mozart, is glamorized as a myth. Known as the world’s greatest golfer in history, Woods also has the best handwriting. The genius golfer, when analyzed by his handwriting, is an outstanding figure who has courage, self-confidence, logical power and patience evenly.

The handwriting of Woods is very long vertically, which demonstrates that he has strong confidence, courage, and is broad-minded. Usually, a person who has this kind of handwriting is impromptus, sensitive and unpredictable. Yet, his uniform and balanced handwriting show his sense of logic and rationality. Woods is said to be good in his studies as to attend Stanford University. As his handwriting is not angular and consisted of soft curves, he is a man of amicable personality. Handwritings of outstanding golfers such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Rory McIlroy all have vertically long, even, balanced, and soft handwritings.

The stroke of “T” in Tiger Wood’s writing is especially long. People who have this kind of handwriting is known to be very patient. Inventor Edison would write such stroke so long as it was longer than one word. Figure skater Kim Yu-na and soccer player Park Ji-sung’s handwriting features particularly long horizontal stroke. With respect to Tiger Wood’s signature, the horizontal stroke of the first letter “T” is tilted towards the right and very steep upwards. This shows that Woods has exceptionally strong self-confidence and optimism. The “W” and the “s” demonstrates a big arc, which is noticeable in figures such as the Emperor Napoleon, showing strength and vitality.

Graphologists of the West divide the alphabet into three sections vertically and draws traits according to the types that breaks away from the norm. For example, the upper section refers to intelligence, ideal, ambition and mental characteristics; the middle section depicts traces of everyday life, reasonability and social confidence; the lower section shows instinct, secret sex and physical interest. The lower section of Tiger Wood’s handwriting is particularly developed. It may not be a coincidence that he was involved in a sex scandal.

Won-Joo Lee takeoff@donga.com