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Seoul's Yangcheon Ward collects waste metal for 9 years

Posted January. 23, 2018 07:58,   

Updated January. 23, 2018 08:12


Seoul’s Yangcheon Ward collects waste metal on the fourth Friday of every month after designating the day as the “Digging Gold Day” nine years ago.

“Digging Gold Day” also serves as a competitive exhibition among neighborhood units in the ward and departments of the Ward Office. Residents just have to turn in the waste batteries or small electronics to the Community Center of their neighborhood. Ward Office employees turn in the waste metals to the corresponding department of the Ward Office. At the end of the year, neighborhood unit or department that collects the most waste metals until November receives prizes, including prize money.

Yangcheon Ward has collected 23.8 tons of waste batteries in 2017 by using this system. It collected 1.1 ton more than the target amount of waste battery collecting per ward (22.7 tons) set by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

“Waste batteries can pollute air, soil and water if incinerated or buried underground,” said Yangcheon Ward. “The purpose is to recycle waste metals to save the environment and make it useful to the high-tech industry.”