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‘Anger is a form of passion,’ says leader of Won-Buddhism

‘Anger is a form of passion,’ says leader of Won-Buddhism

Posted January. 11, 2018 08:09,   

Updated January. 11, 2018 08:25


“If we take advantage of anger and use it in a good way, it can be transformed into healthy energy. If a person doesn’t know how to be angry, that could be a problem as well. This is because anger, in a way, is a form of passion.”

This is an excerpt from “Hey, Wake Up,” a book written by Head Dharma Master Jang Eung-cheol of Won Buddhism. His interpretation of anger or rage is eye-catching.

This book is a collection of Buddhist writings by the head master, which are short but inspiring. There are six chapters, with titles such as “Hard work is never wasted” and “How to use your mind.” Under the chapter four, the author explains that everything depends on your mind. Rather than pedantic and patronizing, the passages are reflective of his calm and patient narrative that share his thoughts on truth and mind reflection.

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