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Polygraph to be used to catch the `cat mom` killer

Posted October. 16, 2015 08:23,   


Gyeonggi Yonginseobu Police Station investigating the "cat mom" murder case in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province announced on Thursday that it would employ a polygraph on the residents of the apartment where the incident occurred.

"We will use a lie detector from Friday on about 20 residents who were in their houses close to the murder scene. We will use the result for the investigation," said the police station. All the residents have agreed to cooperate.

The polygraph result will be used as a reference in order to point out the suspect along with results of complete DNS test on the brick used by the killer as well as third-dimension simulation test. The police requested the National Forensic Service to scan the crime scene in three dimensions for the simulation test to calculate where the brick was thrown.

The residents are fully cooperating, despite inconveniences from series of investigations, so that the killer will be caught as soon as possible. It has been eight days since the murder occurred and the police started investigating, but the residents do not seem to panic during police interviews, DNA sample collecting, domiciliary visits, and third-dimension simulation tests. "The whole apartment is under anxiety and disorder due to police investigations day and night since the beginning," one resident said. "But everybody is willing to fully cooperate because it is very likely that the suspect is one of us."

"We appreciate the residents` silent cooperation and are trying our best to arrest this murderer as soon as we can, so that the residents can be set free from the inconvenience and anxiety," the police station said.

Park (55, female) was killed by a brick thrown from the apartment around 4:40 p.m., Oct 8, when she was building a house for street cats in the apartment garden, and another Park (29) who was helping her there was injured in the head by the same brick deflected after hitting her head.