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Prime Minister Hwang: ‘Rumors of his presidential bid completely groundless’

Prime Minister Hwang: ‘Rumors of his presidential bid completely groundless’

Posted September. 23, 2015 06:57,   


“It is completely groundless. I will focus on the duty that I am responsible right now.” With some insiders in the ruling camp suggesting the possibility of "an independent candidate for the pro-Park Geun-hye faction," Hwang has clarified that he will avoid being embroiled in controversy within the political circle.

When asked whether he has a "plan to run at the next or the following presidential election" at a press meeting at the prime minister’s residence in Sejong City on the day, Hwang said, “I am too busy to carry out duty as prime minister," ruling out the possibility to run for presidency. He reemphasized that he will focus on administration of state affairs including safety and eradication of corruption.

“People’s safety is the utmost value. The Prime Minister’s Office is urging ministries responsible (to ensure that safety culture takes root across society), but it takes some time,“ he said. “It cannot be done in a short-term, but I will try my best to generate outcome in rooting out corruption, he also mentioned on the issue of inspection of officialdom.

“We don’t aim to create jobs with the Youth Hope Fund. Creating jobs for youth is basically the job of the state or companies,” Hwang said on the Youth Hope Fund. “The fund was created based on pure intention to do whatever is helpful to youth. There might be a chance that conglomerates will seek to donate millions of dollars to the fund, but the fund would not receive such donations, and only receive contributions from individuals.”

Soon after a Cabinet meeting in the morning on the day, Hwang signed on a pledge form to make trust for public interests to the Youth Hope Fund. He is the second donor at the government after President Park Geun-hye to contribute to the fund. After making 10 million won (8,460 U.S. dollars) in one-off donation, Hwang plans to donate 1.3 million won (1,100 dollars) or 10 percent of monthly salary every month.

On the overseas resources development initiative that has been under controversy at parliamentary inspection of the government recently, Hwang said, “At this point, we cannot judge whether the initiative was right or wrong, and it will take more time to determine.”