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‘Manspreading’ is added to Oxford Dictionaries

Posted August. 29, 2015 00:47,   


Oxford dictionaries have added the newly-coined word "Manspreading," referring to a man spreading legs to discomfort passengers sitting next to him in a subway train and other public transportations. Editors of the Oxford dictionary added about 1,000 new words including "manspreading" on Thursday.

MacGyver, the title of a popular TV series on American TV network NBC aired from 1985 to 1992, was included to the dictionary as one of the new words. MacGyver was added to the dictionary as a verb, meaning to make or repair something by using tools or devices that a person has in an out-of-box way.

Other words include "hangry," a combination of hungry and angry (becomes angry when hungry), "pocket dial" and "butt dial," which both are referring to a situation where a mobile phone in one’s pocket or in a rear pocket is called inadvertently when pressure is accidentally applied to a button on the phone. The new words are released as part of the dictionary’s quarterly update. To add a word to the dictionary, it must be proven that the public use the word consistently.