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Gov’t to bid for listing comfort women history as UNESCO Memory of the World

Gov’t to bid for listing comfort women history as UNESCO Memory of the World

Posted May. 29, 2015 07:56,   


In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of national independence, the government has decided to push forward with bidding to list as UNESCO Memory of the World the historical fact of comfort women. It is also planned to reopen the Provisional Government of Korea in Shanghai and to establish “the hall of honor” in Seodaemun Independence Park for men of national merit who fought for Korea’s independence.

At the third round of meeting for the “commemoration committee for 70th anniversary of national independence” on Thursday, the government announced 50 commemoration projects to be carried out.

In an effort to compile the historical facts of Korean comfort women, the committee would record verbal testimony of those sexual victims, publish a government white paper, systematically maintain and manage the history of those victims home and abroad, form a social consensus for women’s right and promote international solidarity.

It is planned that Provisional Government of Korea in Shanghai would reopen on September 3, an anniversary of War of Chinese People`s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the one in Chongqing on November 17, a memorial day for patriotic martyrs. A 5-year plan for publishing “biographical dictionary for independence fighters” that would compile some 16,000 fighters’ acts would be carried out as well.

Regarding Japan’s bid to list its modern industrial facilities as world heritage, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee is now reviewing a document that demands Japan to include its negative side of history. “We could seek for a compromise” said Japan, showing its positive attitude for bilateral discussion on the matter. The two nations had its first discussion on the issue on May 22 in Japan and the following discussion is soon to be held in Seoul.