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Choo Shin-soo sees greenlight with hits in 13 consecutive games

Choo Shin-soo sees greenlight with hits in 13 consecutive games

Posted May. 15, 2015 07:19,   


Choo Shin-soo, dubbed "Choo Choo Train," apparently performs best when playing the first hitter in his team. When Choo took the batter’s box as the first hitter, Caster Steve Busby of Fox News Sports Southwest said that Choo Shin-soo had his 15th career homer as the first hitter. Soon after Busby stated that, Choo hit his 16th career homer and his second homer in two consecutive games as the first hitter.

Choo performed the first hitter in the bottom of the first inning, when the two teams were tying 0-0 at a home game on Wednesday. He hit a fastball of 98 miles (157 km) per hour pitched by Kansas City pitcher Yordano Ventura to garner a solo homer over the right side fence. He added a hit towards the right field in the bottom of the second inning, and finished the game with two hits, two RBIs and one run in four times at bat. As a result, Choo continued his hitting spree in 13 consecutive games, posting a batting average of 0.224 (24 hits in 107 times at bat) for this season.

Texas won the game 5-2 on the day. After Choo started playing as the first hitter, Texas has had seven wins and three losses. Choo holds a batting average of 0.349, three homers and seven RBIs in games he has played the first hitter in this season. Choo said, “Everyone has uphill and downhill. Last month, I was facing red light, but it has turned to green now.”