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Marine father and two sons donate 115 times

Posted May. 06, 2015 07:22,   


A Marine father and two sons are practicing their love for the needy, having donated blood for more than 110 times.

Yoo Seung-gook, the father, is a self-employed in Gangwon Province. He served military service in the Marine second division in Gimpo in 1989 when he started to make blood donations. He wanted to help his neighbors suffering from incurable diseases such as leukemia. He has donated blood twice or three times every year, which totals 52 times so far. In 2013, he received a meritorious gold medal from Red Cross. Besides blood donation, Yoo has also been in voluntary bathing service and environment protection activities with his Marine comrades.

His two sons also joined the Marine Corp are following father`s footprints. Corporal Jae-sang (rifleman) and Private First Class Joon-sang (mortar soldier) both serve at the Pohang Marine first division in North Gyeongsang Province, and are helping other people.

Even during intense new recruits training, the two sons donated blood, and went to blood donation houses while in vacation. The elder son donated blood 32 times and younger brother 21 times. The total blood donations of father and sons have reached 115 times. In August last year, they donated 100 blood donation certificates to Gangwon Province chapter of the Korean Red Cross to have them used for leukemia patients.