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Abe does not resemble American actor Gary Cooper

Posted May. 01, 2015 07:12,   


When reading Japanese writer Nanami Shiono’s book "Stories of the Romans," some parts give an impression that this female writer seems to have fallen in love with Julius Caesar, whom she has never seen. Besides the ancient character, the writer says that the best man among guys in the modern era is Gary Cooper, an American actor. Good looking and well mannered, Cooper has well-played the role of a masculine man in Hollywood movies. In ages when the U.S. drew great attention from the world, Cooper was the image of a manly man itself that the U.S. pursued.

Nanami Shiono is a fervent supporter of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Her imagination is quite unique, in some cases, as evidenced from her saying that succession of power from Junichiro Koizumi to Shinzo Abe might be the last change to save Japan as succession from Caesar to Augustus opened the door for Pax Romana. Even though she supports Abe, the writer has complains that Abe only throws fast balls, never knowing how to throw breaking balls.

The Japanese prime minister mentioned the names of Abraham Lincoln and Gary Cooper during his address at a joint session of the U.S. Congress. The intention was to gain favor by mentioning the two people that Americans like most, but their images are far from Abe’s. Abe is not a person who lived in the same age as Gary Cooper, unlike Nanami Shiono. When Cooper passed away, Abe was just seven years old. Abe quoted that the boarding house’s female owner bragged about her late husband’s appearance, saying, "He is better looking than Gary Cooper," while he was studying in the U.S. The Japanese prime minister never revealed whether he likes Gary Cooper or not.

"High Noon" is Gary Cooper’s movie widely known in Korea. My question is how a person who is moved by "High Noon" can act like Abe. Kweku Ampia, a professor of the Leeds University, described Abe who attended the 60th anniversary meeting of Bandung Conference as "a cat participated in a meeting of mice." The cat is an evil one who never said sorry at a convention of nations that suffered from Japan’s invasion and colonial rules. That cat mentioned name of Gary Cooper, who couldn’t tolerate injustice. That is why people have doubts over Abe’s sincerity in mentioning the actor’s name.