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Spring festivals around the world

Posted April. 04, 2015 07:18,   


The more you prepare, the more you will enjoy and benefit from your overseas trips. This holds true especially for festivals abroad. Many cultural festivals that represent each country are free of charge to join if a traveler visits the nation at the right time. Information of overseas festivals is like a free admission ticket for travelers.

While many Koreans are enjoying cherry blossoms across the nation, Asia’s spring season begins with splashing water. In the Southeast Asian region, many nations celebrate unique festivals related to water from April to May. These festivals are "ceremonies" to wash off bad lucks and wish wellbeing and good harvest. Traditional culture has turned into a fun play and become cultural contents to attract visitors from all over the world to Asia.

Representative water festivals in Asia include the Songkran festival in Thailand, Thingyan water festival in Myanmar, New Year Celebration in Cambodia, the Water Splashing Festival in Yunnan`s Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous region in China and the Dragon Boat festivals in Taiwan and Singapore. These are known as flamboyant and eye-catching festivals. While splashing water to each other, travelers from around the world become friends and communicate naturally even without knowing each other’s nationality and name. If travelers get mad about being wet by sudden splash of water, they would find themselves in hot water with everyone else enjoying the festival.

European countries celebrate well-known spring festivals. In Europe, also known as "the continent of festivals," many countries hold music festivals in every April. From rock, electric music and jazz festivals drawing young people, to classical music festivals with songs composed by Handel, Mozart and Bach, all kinds of music festivals are held across the continent. Fitting its name of the origin of classical music, German cities celebrate music festivals with theme of a specific musician. Italy has many popular opera festivals, which combine music and drama.

Here are some tips for travelers who want to enjoy the music festivals in Europe to the fullest. First, it is better to move on bicycles in the city. European festivals use the entire city as the venue and stage for the festival. Bicycles are right medium to move a short distance without much effort. Second, bring a sitting mat or a portable folding chair. As on-the-spot performances are frequently presented here and there on the street, it would be good to prepare a portable seat to enjoy performances held at any place, any time. Third, you need to make a reservation for popular art festivals. If it is a really famous popular performance, tickets can be sold out in advance, even a year before. Only prepared visitors can enjoy European festivals to the fullest.