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Japanese police categorizes anti-Korean group as far rightist

Japanese police categorizes anti-Korean group as far rightist

Posted December. 05, 2014 07:55,   


The best-known anti Korean group organization roughly called "A group that defies any rights to Koreans in Japan" has been named a far right-wing group.

In its 2014 edition of its white paper on police published on Wednesday, the Japanese police said that the group is a right wing civic group, which operates under extreme nationalism and chauvinist claims. This is the first time Japan’s police force has named this group by name and introduced its trends in the white paper.

This group, organized in late 2006, became prominent when anti-Korean sentiment in Japan rose after South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in August 2012 visited the Dokdo islets, upon which Japan makes territorial claims. Last year, this group had some ugly words in its protests calling for sexual molestation of Korean women and for killing all Koreans. As of Thursday, it has 15,260 members registered on the website.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination advised the Japanese government in August 2014 to legislate an extensive law banning racial discrimination to regulate hate speech. It was targeted at the Group.

Yet it appears difficult to enact laws to regulate this group. In a survey conducted by the Asahi Shimbun of 1,191 potential runners for the lower house of the Diet of Japan in the December 14 election, only 30 percent of the Liberal Democrat members said, "Hate speech should be regulated by law."