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Firefighter who fished 7 bodies in Sewol disaster dies in line of duty

Firefighter who fished 7 bodies in Sewol disaster dies in line of duty

Posted November. 07, 2014 04:46,   


A firefighter who pulled up seven victims at the site of the Sewol ferry disaster died during an underwater training.

Goh Yeong-ho, 45, a firefighter of the special response team of the Northern Gyeonggi Fire & Disaster Headquarters, lost consciousness while he was participating in a deep-water diving training in the water off the Sokcho, Gangwon Province, at 4:50 p.m. on Wednesday. He was carried to Gangneung Asan Hospital but died at around 8 p.m. He was in a drill for adapting to a rebreathing apparatus, a new diving apparatus for the 45- to 50-meter deep water, with two other colleagues. After floating to the surface, he fell into a critical condition.

Since he became firefighter in 1998, Goh had completed a rescue training at sea and saved lives and dedicated to searching activities. “He was a seasoned man who disciplined himself and did his best for his duties. He even had a skin scuba instructor license. He devoted himself to the rescue efforts in the Sewol ferry disaster,” said an official of the North Gyeonggi Fire & Disaster Headquarters. “I feel so sorry because he was a firefighter who gave trust to his colleagues.”

The headquarters granted him an Okjo National Medal and gave a promotion of rank. It decided to bury him in the Daejeon National Cemetery. Goh is survived by his mother, his wife and two sons.