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Are Ronaldo and Suarez all right?

Posted June. 05, 2014 04:58,   


Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, the Real Madrid forward, and Luis Suarez of Uruguay (Liverpool) may be smiling on their faces but crying in their hearts. After the Group of 32 finalists for the World Cup soccer championship in Brazil was announced, the two soccer superstars are attracting attention because they have joined the world`s largest sports event despite their injuries, while Radamel Falcao (Colombia) has blown his World Cup dream because of his injury. However, it remains unclear whether Ronaldo and Suarez will be able to play in the World Cup games.

In worst-case scenarios, the two soccer players might end up watching the games on the benches without playing in any game. Portugal`s soccer association said Wednesday that Ronaldo is suffering from tendonitis in the region around his left kneecap. Tendonitis is a kind of inflammation in the tendon that connects the bone and the muscle.

Ronaldo did not show up at a friendly match against Greece on Sunday. The Portuguese soccer association said he would have no problem in playing in the World Cup games.

Spanish media reported that as World Cup matches are far fiercer than other games, Ronaldo`s tendons might be completely ruptured, suggesting that he might not be able to be on the ground in the World Cup.

The prospects for Suarez, who underwent a surgery on his injured knee cartilage on May 23, is as gloomy as that of Ronaldo. The Uruguayan soccer association said that his physical and psychological conditions are recovering properly. Although he has joined the country`s national squad, he has not been able to participate in normal training but focusing on intensively strengthening the muscle around his knees indoors. While Uruguayan media hope his recovery, they also express concern how much he would be helpful to the national team, considering his failure to digest regular training.

Their absence could affect the fate of their respective team, considering their weight in their squads. Ronaldo grabbed the top scoring title in Spain`s 2013-14 Primera Liga with 31 goals scored. He also led his team`s victory in the UEFA Champions League with a record-high 17 scores. Suarez was the top scorer of England`s Premier League. Judging just by skills, the two are the most expected scores in the upcoming World Cup. Will soccer fans be able to see them on the field? The attention of all soccer fans around the world, not to mention those of their countries, are drawn to the two superstars` conditions.