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Deoksu stonewall street in downtown Seoul is popular for walking

Deoksu stonewall street in downtown Seoul is popular for walking

Posted May. 16, 2014 07:37,   


The stonewall street around Deoksu Palace is one of the most beloved streets for walking in Seoul. But it is so narrow that people and cars are often mixed. Now, the street will turn into a no car street during lunch time.

The Seoul metropolitan city said on Thursday that it will ban cars for the 310 meter-distance from the Daehan Gate, which is the starting point of the stonewall street, to the fountain in front of Jeongdong Church from May 21 through 23. The event will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

According to a study on floating population in Seoul in 2012, the Deoksu stone-wall street had 5,530 people per hour for lunch time (from noon to 1 p.m.), which tends to have a surge compared to other time slots.

Drivers who go to embassies around the street, Jeongdong First Methodist Church, Deoksu Elementary School, and other commercial and cultural facilities during the time period have to check de-tours. As the parking lot in the area is also restricted, they need to check other parking lots.

The Seoul metropolitan government will review the volume of visiting population, traffic conditions, satisfaction, and the chance to link the event to the royal guard changing ceremony during the test period, and will hold the event on a regular basis. A source from the city government said, “We plan to increase the duration and the area going forward to turn it into a no car street on an ongoing basis.”