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Kim Yu-na, Lee Sang-hwa exchange words of compliments

Posted March. 13, 2014 06:24,   


Encounter between “Speed skating empress” Lee Sang-hwa, 25, and “Figure skating queen” Kim Yu-na, 24, was full of warm hearts and friendliness.

The two attended the awards ceremony for the Coca Cola Athletic Awards held at Westin Chosun Hotel in central Seoul on Wednesday. The two drew attention through their outstanding fashion sense from the moment that they made appearance there. Lee was clad in dark see-through dress, displaying sexy and healthy image. Kim Yu-na was wearing dark jacket and swaying skirt to showcase a fresh bright mood.

The two skaters, co-recipients of the grand prize, held chats sitting on the same table throughout the event. When they moved up to the podium to receive the prize, both skaters gave words of unwavering compliments to each other. Lee said of Kim that “Figure skating is a sport in which players compete for beauty. When looking at Kim Yu-na, I come to recall ‘Yu-neu nim’ (combination of Yu-na and God). She is like a goddess.”

Then, Kim Yu-na said, “I tried skating at speed skating rinks several times, and it was extremely challenging. I express sincere respect to Lee who overcame disadvantage in physical conditions and difficult training sessions.” She added, “Since Lee Sang-hwa won the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics after the Vancouver event, she is ‘Sang-neu nim’ (combination of Sang-hwa and God),” causing audience members to laughter.

On their future plans, the two athletes displayed cautious reaction. “I want to take rest for now. I`ll take time to think about (my third participation in the Olympics in Pyeongchang),” Lee said. “I want to think about days in the near future, rather than days of a distant future. After taking adequate rest and treatment for injuries until summer training sessions, I`ll start preparing for the next season.”

Kim Yu-na also said, “I am agonizing over how I will live and what I will do from now on. For now, I will take a break without a plan.” She went on to say, “I am preparing for an ice show in May. Being free from my career as an athlete, I want to have a cheerful life.” Kim had a flurry of news reports on love affairs lately, but she didn`t mention of her boyfriend.