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Pres. Park orders thorough probe into Gyeongju gym collapse

Pres. Park orders thorough probe into Gyeongju gym collapse

Posted February. 19, 2014 05:06,   


Regarding the tragic resort building collapse in the southern city of Gyeongju Monday, President Park Geun-hye ordered her cabinet Tuesday, "Make thorough investigation on the causes of the accident and safety examination of multiple-use facilities in East Coast area that suffered from heavy snowfall."

"It is heart-breaking that many lives were lost in the gym collapse," Park said at a Cabinet meeting, adding, "I ask for the best efforts to take care of the injured and compensation matters." She urged that measures should be devised for fundamental prevention of safety accidents, including observation of facility standards, safety measures and evacuation systems. "It is prerequisite to carry out safety examination on student group trainings since various events including orientation sessions for incoming freshman are due ahead of the new semester" she stressed.

Regarding the bomb terror in Egypt, she said, "Terrorism is an anti-human and inhumane crime that can never be tolerated," adding, "Active cooperation with the international society including the Egyptian government is needed for prompt investigation of the mastermind and cause of terror attack."

On the recent oil spills in Busan and Yeosu, President Park said, "Each government agency should check whether safety guidelines meet current conditions, and supervise whether these are thoroughly observed on the field."

"The first anniversary of our government comes next week. We need to ensure that reforms and change are achieved so that the national affairs philosophies and visions bear fruit and actually help the livelihood of the public." she said.